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The Publishers Association AGM this year was at the Science Gallery. It’s not a venue I’ve been to before, though I’ve shot at lots of places shooting commercial photography in London all around it over the years! It’s a great venue for a small conference or event and is particularly useful for me as a London event photographer as it has an auditorium layout to it. This means that I am above everyone else when I shoot from the back, I have a really good view of everyone and everything and I can take photographs unnoticed and from lots of different angles. All great reasons for me to really enjoy shooting there.

Publishers Association AGM

I really like venues where delegates and speakers aren’t aware I’m photographing them. It makes a difference to the way they act and I genuinely believe people look their best when they don’t know they are being photographed. I can use long telephoto lenses so I am further away, but at this focal length it makes a difference to the way the shot feels and loses any sense of intimacy or connection with the subject. As a result, I believe it’s best to be closer to the subject, using a short focal length lens but be discreet and very much in the background.

This years Publishers Association AGM boasted Dame Helena Morrissey DBE as the guest speaker. She is founder of the 30% Club, chair of The Diversity Project and head of Personal Investing at Legal & General Investment Management. Her talk was extremely interesting with a lot to feel positive about with advances in diversity in the City.

Other business passed off smoothly and I was able to not only get all the shots I needed, but had time to try a few more interesting shots that are a bit beyond the brief. Sometimes my clients really like something a bit more creative and other times it can’t be used, but for both myself and the client my view is that it is better to get some interesting shots, if I have the time, as it can really add to their photo library. Also, in a sea of event photos on the internet, it can be good to have something that will stand out occasionally.

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guests at an event in London

delegates talking before an event starts in London

delegates talking

the Publishers association AGM 2019 gets under way

speakers at the Publishers Association AGM 2019

a speaker at a London event

a speaker at the podium at a London event

The Science Gallery auditorium

Dame Helena Morrissey DBE talking at a London event

Dame Helena Morrissey DBE speaking during a conference

delegates at a London event talking and laughing

delegates gesturing during a London event

delegates discussing publishing at a London event

Dame Helena Morrissey DBE at a London event