The St Pancras Hotel Event Venue

The St Pancras Hotel has to be one of the top venues for event photography London. It is not only beautiful, but because of the way the windows are laid out, the light is very directional giving lovely contrasty patterns I can use to create great, interesting photographs.

Mazda All Stars Awards

I was photographing at this iconic venue for Mazda, who held their annual All Stars award ceremony there. The production was by Phoenix Animation and the event was planned by Black Tomato.
As well as the drinks reception I was photographing the dinner and awards with relaxing and dancing afterwards.
The great light meant it was a really enjoyable night for me as I was able to make the most of the atmosphere in my shots. To do this I used my fastest lenses, letting the ambient light really give an idea of what it was like on the night. In some venues, as a London event photographer, I use a little bit of flash to lift the shadows caused by the lighting, but at this London event I just used the available light to get great shots.

Great Atmosphere at the Event

The atmosphere at this event was excellent, the master of ceremonies was extremely funny, and kept everyone laughing. This meant I was able to pick out great reactions amongst the guests while they enjoyed themselves unaware I was taking photographs of them. I used a long lens for some of the shots so that I could capture guests spontaneously laughing. However it’s important to get a lot of variety in the shots from an event, so I also shot with a wide lens quite a bit closer, getting lots of reactions, but also a sense of the venue surrounding the guests.

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guests at the reception of a London event at the St Pancras Hotel
guests at a London event talking
guests laughing
guests at a London event talking to each other
the dining area for an event at the St Pancras Hotel
guests smiling at a London event
two guests at an event smiling and laughing
event photography London
an event in London
guests seated for dinner at an event in London
the master of ceremonies on stage at an event in London
guests watching a speaker at an event
guests laughing at an event in London
a guest receiving an award at an event in London
an award ceremony in London
a guest clapping
a guest getting up on stage and receiving an award
the MC and a guest having a photo taken
a guest laughing
guests cheering when their team win an award
guests laughing and clapping
a guest and the MC with an award
guests cheering and clapping
guests laughing at the MC's speech
a guest laughing
a team photo on stage at a London event
guests watching a speech
guests laughing at a speech
guests laughing
a guest laughing at a joke
guests dancing
guests enjoying themselves
guests dancing together
guests enjoying a photo