Time for a Party

Juul are expanding rapidly in the UK and recently had to move in to new, larger offices in Holborn. To celebrate their success and the fantastic new offices, they decided to have a launch party and approached me for some London event photography. The top floor in the new offices is perfect for a launch event, with loads of space, not only for socialising and drinking, but also for dancing. There’s a big terrace looking out over the many other offices in the area too, where guests could enjoy the spring evening.

Speeches and Presents

I started the event by getting some shots of the outside of their new offices, as doubtless they will want those for any social media and pr about their move to Holborn. I then got some shots of guests arriving and socialising in the reception area. The light was good and the mood very upbeat, which meant I got some great, energetic shots of everyone talking and laughing, always a good combination for a London event photographer.
The formal part of the night included some speeches and gifts for members of staff that had contributed to the outfitting and move to the new offices. Then after a ribbon cutting everyone moved upstairs to where the real fun was to begin.

Office Social Area

The new Juul offices have two floors of work space and a social area on the top floor. It was here the party was really going to get going.
The cocktail bar and specialist beers got everyone in the mood and the photobooth provided a lot of fun. Later in the evening the DJ Dave Clarke got some of the guests dancing.
I also had the pleasure of working alongside film maker Philip London doing video of the night.

London Event Photography

This is the tech bit! Here’s a bit of info about how I approached the night and the type of photographic kit I decided to use.
Since this event was going to be fast moving and a huge mix of very tight shots as well as long shots picking out guests with a short depth of field, I decided to pack my medium zoom to cover the night. It covers 24mm to 82mm and with a widest aperture of F2.8 all the way through it meant I had plenty of scope to shoot with the available light. I usually shoot with prime lenses, but this event was very fast moving and I was often in quite tight situations with little scope to change lenses. The lens worked well on the night, getting me all the shots I wanted, without having to resort to using any flash. If you’ve read any of my other blog posts you’ll know I much prefer shooting with the available light rather than using flash. That way I can really get the atmosphere of the event, something that it’s much harder to capture if I’m flooding the scene with flash. Used well, flash can be useful, but it’s even better not to have to use it at all!

Your London Event

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog post on London event photography. If you have an event and have any questions, then please use my contact page to get in touch. You can also look at my FAQ’s page and check out some other posts on my blog from lots of London events.
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