Build UK AGM 2018

The Build UK AGM this year in London took place at One Great George Street in the library, which gave me an extremely interesting location. Often the background to an event is a screen or stand with branding, so this was a welcome change and helped the commercial photography for their event. There was also plenty of natural light coming in through the large windows all the way down one side of the library, which was South facing, giving me lovely strong directional light to work with.

New Technology

The aim of the event, beyond the AGM part itself was to showcase new technology in the industry, in particular for training, but also for health and safety and a variety of other uses. The first contact with this new technology was the ticket you needed to enter the event. I received a virtual ticket on my mobile phone which was scanned when I arrived to log my arrival and check I was an invited guest. There was a lot of technology at the event to try first hand, so as a London event photographer that gave me plenty of scope to get great shots of industry guests trying out what was on display.

Virtual Reality in the Building Industry

In particular the virtual reality displays gave you a chance to scale scaffolding from the safety of the ground with GKR Scaffolding, and operate a cherry picker to reach virtual balloons on a building site with IPAF. Also on display were Intelligent Fingerprinting showcasing their revolutionary drug testing system for the construction sector and B&CE using model hands to show the effects of various issues that can be found on building sites that can be countered with good health and safety policies.

London Event Photographer

This event provided me with a great opportunity to get right in with the displayed technology and get photos with lots of depth and interaction with the guests. With lots of space and the lovely light I got lots of shots I was very pleased with. As always the best shots are the ones with great guest reactions, so having the technology to use meant a lot of great shots.

Build UK events

I’ve shot quite a few Build UK events, if you’re interested in seeing some of them, here are two links to blog posts of the events. Catalyst for Change event at St Paul’s CathedralOpen Doors Launch. CSCS were also at the event as a sponsor, I did some shots for them a short while ago, you can see the blog post of that shoot here – CSCS on site photos

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exterior of One Great George Street in London

a trainer showing a guest how to use virtual reality goggles

a guest at an event in London using a virtual entry ticket

guests being showed a model hand to help them with health and safety issues

guests talking at a London event for the building industry

guests at a London event

a guest at a London event using a virtual reality machine while being photographed for Commercial Photography London

a guest talking to the operator of a virtual reality machine

a guest using a virtual reality headset

a trainer explaining how the virtual reality headset works

guests discussing the building industry

a guest laughing at a building industry event

guests at a London event

a technician explaining how virtual reality works

a technician fitting some virtual reality goggles on a guest

guests at a London event standing in front of a screen

a Build UK employee talking to a guest at a London event

guests talking in front of a Build UK branded screen

guests at a London event for the building industry discussing virtual reality

a group of guests talking

the CEO of Build UK making a speech at a London event

the chairman of Build UK making a speech

guests listening to the chairman of Build UK speaking

a technician showing a guest how fingerprint technology works

guests discussing new technology in the building industry

guests at a London event in the library at One Great George Street

a guest being shown how health and safety technology works