Commercial Photography

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Specialising in commercial photography, I’ve worked with a wide range of brands including M&S, BP, British Airways and Tesco as well as many others big and small. I have 20 years experience as a commercial photographer working across London and the South East.

Commercial Photographer

While photography has always been important, in the age of the internet it has arguably become more important than ever. I would say that photography is the first thing a potential client will notice about your business. First impressions, of course, are very important.

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Photographing People

For the vast majority of the commercial photography assignments I cover, I will be photographing people. I have great communication and people skills which is why I love being a London event photographer and for commercial photography in particular I believe it holds the most value for companies, after all, people buy people! I mostly shoot in a documentary style capturing people in their workplaces naturally rather than doing big set ups that can intimidate the subject and cost large amounts of time & money. I often use lighting, but the best scenario is a carefully chosen location that is well lit and affords us an environment where we can get lots of great shots.


a man drilling on a worksite

Planning and Organising Commercial Photography

I believe planning is crucial to any commercial shoot. My work starts when we first talk about the assignment, when I will be listening to what you want as my client, and giving advice as to how we can achieve it. From there it’s important that all the shots we want are thought through so we can arrange anything that needs doing before the day. It is so much easier to start a relationship with people on the ground at the location before the assignment. In particular any permissions or security precautions to get on site need to be arranged so we are not waiting around wasting precious time and light on the day of the shoot.


Commercial Photographer


Health and Safety on a Commercial Assignment

Health and safety is another important one. If we can arrange PPE needs before the day and even training if it’s needed, then on the day itself we can get cracking on the commercial photography rather than spending time finding the right PPE to go on site. I have a lot of the right PPE myself, as it saves time finding the right sizes etc, however most sites have their own needs, so it’s better to preempt them.

Good planning makes sure we will get all the shots we want and makes me a safe pair of hands. I’ve worked in difficult environments all over the world, including for oil companies in deserts and jungles, catering companies in kitchens, hospitals and fast moving trading floors amongst many others. Frequently I find myself in stressful environments where a cool head born of twenty years experience makes the difference between getting the shot and not.


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Delivering your Commercial Photography

I turn your photography round promptly within five working days, though if necessary I can deliver faster. I upload your photos to Dropbox and send you a link so you can download them from there and share the link to anyone relevant. The images are hi res with full copyright use, edited and individually retouched to the same standard as any you see here on my website.


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Commercial Photographer Insurance

Having all the right insurances is important. I have camera insurance and public liability insurance, however, as I often shoot in venues that have priceless works of art I have £10million rather than the usual £5million. I also have professional indemnity insurance.

Contact Me

You can get hold of me through my contact page. If you have any questions you can look at my FAQ’s page or just contact me and we can chat through your needs. You can also see lots of my work on my blog.


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a man working on a work site


a man and woman walking between shelves in a warehouse