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I’m a professional conference photographer based near Brighton with 20 years experience in conference photography across London, the South East & abroad.
At conferences I shoot a wide range of areas, including scene setting, branding and sponsor photos, capturing a reception, event or team building activity in a documentary style, as well as headshots and award presentations, which require lighting and posing.

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Being a Successful Conference Photographer

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Every conference is unique, even ones that are repeated year after year, which is why one of the most important parts of being a conference photographer is in the planning. I really enjoy this stage, partly because it means that when I’ve prepared well, once I am photographing the conference I can concentrate on the creative side and not the arrangements. I also love being organised, aided in this age of fast moving technology by various devices and apps.
Talking to my client helps me understand their needs and wants, the right places to be at the right times, key names & sponsors and a few things worth photographing they may not have thought of. Getting a good idea of what the shots are for and how they will be used is also important.

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Discreet Photography

While award presentations and headshots are always going to be planned and posed, a lot of great shots can be had without guests knowing they are being photographed.
Working as a conference photographer presents a range of technical issues, most of which can be overcome with careful planning and experience. I use the latest equipment to photograph in low light only using flash when necessary so as to retain the atmosphere and carefully placed lighting in the room. I’m also calm and professional and don’t get stressed under pressure, a result of lots of experience and knowing that the best way to get great shots is to be unflustered and steady, particularly in front of the people I am photographing.

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Delivery of your Photographs

I usually edit and individually retouch all the best photographs from a conference within five working days, though occasionally a client will want some delivered at the conference itself.
I provide the photographs hi res as a download, with full copyright use either through Dropbox or a photo gallery, whichever is preferred.

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More Information

If you’d like to see more of my work you could start by looking at my blog, in particular you might like this blog post about an event I photographed for Build UK or this one I shot for the CPA at The Brewery. If you’d like to contact me to ask a question or enquire about prices or dates, then please click on the Contact Neil link above this paragraph.


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