Choosing the winners

I was very pleased to be chosen to photograph the Effie Awards this year. It’s a great event to photograph as a London event photographer and started with a photo shoot of the judging panel choosing the winners. The venue for this was Oath in High Holborn, high up in the offices with glass surrounding the room we were in which meant I had wonderful light to use for the shoot. After being introduced I left them to get on with their judging while I floated around in the background getting shots of them talking and discussing the entries.

Effie Judges photographs

Because they were all sitting around a table I was able to use a telephoto lens with people in the foreground to give depth in the shots, which also had the advantage of making me less conspicuous. With the Fujifilm mirrorless cameras I use I was also able to shoot silently without the clatter of the shutter I used to have when I shot on DSLR’s. I used a short depth of field to keep my subject in focus while everything else was out of focus, really drawing your eye to the subject and making them the most important part of the shot.

Head shots

This technique is also very good for company headshots. Rather than using a neutral background and having each person looking to camera, having them talking around a table really gives energy to the photos. It also takes the attention away from the subject, making them less self conscious. I personally think that the way people look when they are concentrating and talking is better, it looks more dynamic and interesting for the viewer too.

Beautiful light

I know I mention the light a lot in my blog posts, that’s because for a London event photographer the light I get to use for the shoot is possibly the thing that effects the quality of the shots most. Great light means I get wonderful clarity in my shots, great skin tones and contrast as well as making my job a joy to do. With good light I can shoot with a variety of photographic techniques, lenses and equipment, some of which I can’t use in difficult light. Trying to get great shots in bad light is part of my job and that’s fine, but it does mean I am pushing my cameras to their technical limits meaning I’m not going to get as good shots as I would in better light. On this particular shoot, as well as having good soft light, it was also surrounding my subjects, which meant I could shoot from several angles and not have to be so aware of the light every time I moved.

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a group of executives discussing business

a business person at a meeting at a London event

a businessman laughing during a meeting

two businessmen in a meeting

business people at an event

a businessperson reading during an event

a businessperson listening to a speaker at a London event

business people reading on their laptops during a meeting

a group of business people at a London event

a businesswoman laughing during a meeting at a London event

a business man explaining a point during a meeting photographed by London event photographer Neil Walker