Publishers Association Annual Event

It was good to photograph the Publishers Association AGM again this year, with Andrew Neil as the guest speaker. It took place at the British Academy, I haven’t shot there for a while so it was good to be back. The light in the rooms at the British Academy is amazing making my job not only easier but also making the shots better as the light in the shots is so soft, great for skin tones.

Great London Venues

As a London event photographer I get to shoot events at some of London’s most prestigious and beautiful venues, the British Academy being one of them. I also shoot regularly at the ICA next door and 116 Pall Mall, the Institute of Directors just across¬†Carlton House Terrace.

Guest Speakers

I’ve photographed a lot of guest speakers over the years as a London event photographer and it was interesting to hear Andrew Neil talking about current events and how they effect the publishing industry. It’s one of the most fascinating things about being a photographer that you get to visit wonderful and entertaining places, but also to meet interesting people all over the world. Andrew Neil turned out to be an engrossing speaker and very easy to photograph as he is very confident and easy going in front of the camera. Some speakers frown with concentration while they speak and can look very serious, so it’s good to photograph someone who comes across so relaxed.

Photographing at the British Academy

As I mentioned above, I was able to use the lovely natural light at the British Academy to great advantage during most of the AGM, it came mostly from two large windows off to one side so I had good directional light. However, particularly once we were in the atrium, I needed to add just a little bit of flash to tidy up the shadows on people’s faces as the light was coming very strongly from above.

All in all a great day and shoot, here are some of the photographs.

Publishers Association board taking a vote

London event at the British Academy

Andrew Neil talking at a London event

Andrew Neil talking at the Publishers Association AGM 2018

Andrew Neil photographed by London event photographer Neil Walker

Andrew Neil at a London event

the audience clapping at a London event

an audience member asking a question at a London event

guests at a London event talking during the interval

guests talking at the Publishers Association AGM 2018

guests talking