CSCS needed new on site photographs for their website, so they asked me to set up a shoot at the M5 repairs at junctions 1-2. A shoot like this requires quite a bit of organisation, not least of all from a health and safety point of view. Once on site it’s important I make use of the time, so forward planning to get the right people there on the day is crucial. Not only the right people to have in the photographs, but also to help me get around and organise people into the shots.

I had great help on the day from Gerry, who got us onto site quickly and then moved me around efficiently so we could take advantage of the beautiful weather. As with most shoots in the UK, you never quite know if the sunshine will last, or if in half an hour it will be raining!

Everyone on site was very helpful, I’ve always preferred to photograph real people in real situations rather than bring in models as it always makes such a difference to the feel of the final images.

Here are some of my images from the day.

a foreman and a worker talking on a building site

a foreman and a worker discussing the work

cement being smoothed on a building site

a building site

a worker laying edging

a worker cleaning around a manhole cover

two workers talking

a worker spraying a motorway

London event photographer

workers walking along a building site

a worker drilling a hole

workers drilling holes

engineers testing a site

a site controller testing some work

a man surveying

workers drilling out some cement

a welder working

Building work

surveyors discussing their work

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